This is a falling objects type game. Points increase when farmer's girl
    Mally eats dropping fruits from the top of trees.

Let's drop well the fruits by touching them becouse Mally is immobile. Touched fruits fall by gravity to the ground. @
Same type of fruits are combined when those collided. Combined fruits become big and increase their points. Fruits don't combine when they blink red. @
Two-time dropped fruits rot and a pink gauge decrease. This game is over if the pink gauge is empty. The points of fruits becomes half when they dropped. @
Touch to the bottom of fruits if you want to move fruits to the upper direction. In the same manner, you can move fruits any directions. @
Let's touch the fruits by sliding a finger if you want to move fruits far. @
[Score of fruits]
orange 10points
banana 15points
grape 22points
If fruits become big, then their points are oranges, bananas, and grapes, in that order, and the rate of decreasing the gauge becomes high.
[magnification by sizes]
Suddenly a momonga flies from trees. Let's exit the momonga out of the screen by two-time dropping.

Farmer's girl Mally
She is Heroine in this game. She can eat fruits as much as she likes because she is favorite fruits.
He flies and collides with fruits but he doesn't mean any harm.
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