SlidingCat2 is a game that the cat obtains the fish by
    inclining iPhone.
    [Additional element]
    1.Six courses were newly added.(Courses 10, 11, and 12 are charged.[$0.99])
    2.You can compete with other people with openfeint. 
    3.An easy mode is installed.(Another cat)

The cat slides in the direction where iPhone is inclined.
Let's find the fish. It returns to the start position when the cat slips under the water.
Do not incline iPhone too much.
Please touch "Select" after multi touching the screen when you want to choose other courses. Touch "Restart" if you want to start from the initial position.  
The challenge level can be selected on the course selection screen. Springs can be erased.(Please erase springs if the game sometimes pause.)

It shifts to the screen to buy courses when "buy couses" button is pushed.


sliding cat
He is hero in this game. He is good at sliding rather than running.
slow sliding cat
He is another hero of this game. He slides slowly.
It is the fish that went up to the land by mistake.
He surprises a human and he is vary in size.
dog block
It moves dog block that obstructs a walkway.
smell stick
This stick is too stinky. It turns round and round.
inserted by FC2 system